Website Design

Beautiful, Functional Website Design

If you already have a functioning website but just want a fresh new look, maybe you have rebranded and need the website to match your brand colours and logo. Our website design service is what you need.

We take your existing website and update the theme using our digital design processes we can boost the performance of your website and improve the experience of your customer.

Prices start at £350 for our website design service which is considerably cheaper than a full website development, price does depend on the size of your website so a custom quote will always be required.

Our Design Process


We create a wireframe or a screen blueprint of the main page layouts of the website. This represents a skeletal framework of the design and allows us to re-arrange page elements quickly before turning it into a prototype,


Through the use of prototyping tools, we can present you or your users with clickable prototypes of your website during the development phase. We will then use the data collected based on their interactions to inform the next set of design changes.

UI Design

We use user interface design to ensure the websites and applications we design are simple to understand and interact with. Through research and implementation, we are able to anticipate user actions and facilitate these through the digital products we create.

User Experience Design

Prior to designing a website, we believe it’s vital to gain understanding of the user journey and exactly what it is our clients want to achieve. We then work to turn this data into actionable insights that can enhance the experience ultimately delivered through your website.

Website Conversion

There are so many systems out there to use when designing your website, and we wholeheartedly agree that when you are starting out you try many of the DIY options, at the end of the day start-ups generally don't have a great deal of money to spend on a website design service, or in truth you forget to budget for it as you are too busy buying everything else you will need to actually provide your service or product.

But there comes a time when you realize perhaps your Wix site isn't really doing what you hoped it would as all the adverts imply you simply build a beautiful website and people will be breaking down your door for your product or service.  That sadly isn't the case Website's are not baseball fields on a farm 'if you build it they will come' does not apply to a website. 

It takes experience and knowledge to get your website noticed, and yes you could obtain the knowledge but you are too busy running your business to spend all that time learning, honestly, there are not enough hours in the day! but with the various tools, you can use to extend WordPress functionality improving your visibility in search engines and adding new content is a breeze

We can convert your website from Wix or any other self-builder into WordPress, we can also convert your website from another CMS to WordPress i.e Drupal.  Prices start at £450 for a Wix type site (drag and drop builder) or £300 for a CMS conversion. 

Why the different prices you ask?

Well CMS conversion is drastically easier as we have tools which will convert the existing content for us, the Drag and Drop type builders we have to convert the old-fashioned way by hand.