Why redesign a website?

Why redesign a website?

A common question many web designer’s face on a day to day basis.  Although most businesses now have an online presence few maintain it and lose out on potential results.

A poorly maintained website can result in loss of traffic, an inability to convert leads and most importantly an inability to create a good first impression for the businesses target audience.

As we did a redesign to kick off the new year we decided to share some of the top reasons for redesigning your website for 2016.

Hits or Visits Down

Loss of traffic is one of the first symptoms of needing a redesign.  It can indicate any of a number of problems if not all of them, you are losing out on search engine traffic also classed as organic traffic due to poor design or once loyal customers going to a competitor.

Additional symptoms include high bounce rates and long load times, if you notice any of these problems its time for a redesign

Website Looks Dated

Web design is a fast paced industry with new ‘trends’ all the time, we don’t go out to the clubs wearing rara skirts and fluorescent leg warmers (unless its an 80’s club) so don’t keep that old website look… believe me when i say ‘You’re not pulling it off’.

Having a website that looks dated can hurt your business, potential customers may deem you as ‘old school’ no matter how evolved your business or products are.  If your website has not changed in 3 years its a good time to hire a designer to give it a facelift

Not Mobile Responsive

Mobile browsing is not a fad, people won’t get bored of looking at websites in the palm of their hand.  If you have been waiting for this craze to die off and for people to go back to standard browsers, its time for you to come out from under that rock you have been hiding under.

Mobile users have surpassed desktop/laptop users over the recent years, and not having a mobile responsive website will actually hurt your search engine rankings, embrace the gadgets and get your website redesigned for the responsive world.

Better Functionality

I’m old enough to remember how websites were done, rigid structure, tables everywhere do you remember when if you wanted a new section or a blog section you had to go in and manually add a page or edit a page.

With today’s world we have Content Management Systems (CMS) they are taking over the web as much as google has done.  The most popular system with the biggest web share is of course WordPress, it’s open source nature has allowed us to take it and expand on it. Shopping Cart no problem, editing content in a snap even changing the look of the website is relatively easy if you just use a pre-packaged theme.

If you want something more bespoke hire a designer many of us work with CMS now.

And Finally.. Flash is Dead


Not the saviour of the universe but Adobe Flash, it’s not been used for web development in years.  To be honest I’m thankful for that as I never liked programming with it even when it was the ‘in thing’.

rip-flashIf you still have a website powered with it, you definitely need to say good bye to this relic, it’s a compatibility nightmare now, and with the advancements in HTML5 and other scripting languages we can create animation and everything else flash was used for.